The Weakerthans and painting workshop

I did this after going to a painting workshop with a superstar painter that I completely admire this summer. The style is too much the painter's vs. mine, I think maybe. I do miss oils though, which I did this in. It's a portrait of John K Samson of the Weakerthans. Only b/c I adore the band's music at a level not seen since my Smiths obsession in high school (or maybe the Get Up Kids one in my 20's). And, I had taken the workshop, then gone to see them live at the Roxy (great great show), so that's all I was listening to at the time.

It's been a few months since I did it, but I finally scanned it b/c I just bought Mr. Samson's solo EP (with my new favorite song on it) and remembered I painted this in summer. The likeness took a million years, and it doesn't match my portfolio, but I like it anyway.