High School Portrait Series: The Truman Show

Yes, we are in the 70's now! I have finished a new series of High School Portraits. This one was drawn from two yearbooks from the same school. One was 1977 the other 1979. They were years when the boys rivaled the girls with hair and clothing styles, and they all looked amazing! I have to thank my cousin Miki for lending me the books (which I'll ship back today!). This one was a lot of fun. All fifty portraits may be seen on my site here: http://www.nancyillustration.com/truman.html

I've also had some sales at Reform School of the first series. I am experimenting with printing methods to offer inexpensive (but good quality) prints. So far the combination of the two qualities is alluding me, but the quest continues! In the interim, originals are still for sale online at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/nancyillustration As well as at Reform School on Sunset in Los Angeles: http://www.reformschoolrules.com/directory.html

Next up- 1966 BIG hair!