The title today is twofold. Primarily, I'm referring to this poor, neglected blog. I hadn't written since February, because in early March we made a big decision that's consumed the last three months of my life. We moved to Los Angeles (from Chicago). I think that as an unencumbered early twenty-something person, moving that far must be a lot more fun and a lot less stress. As two grown ups with a large apartment and two studios (my art, husband's music)- it's an amazing amount of work. I can't say that I had any idea of how much time it would take to pare down, find a place in the new city, tie up 1,000 loose ends in the old city, and physically move here.

But, that's all behind us (thankfully), so although things aren't nearly set up here yet (our stuff is on a truck somewhere in Nebraska or Utah or Nevada), I am feeling relieved, happy that we're in the new place, and ready to take on new things again!
Which is where the other meaning of today's blog title is. I'm hoping that a sunny new location that I am so far in love with will be inspiring and be a boost to my work and life in general.

The pics are my Chicago living room (3 weeks before the move, no less), and then the L.A. one. If it's true that clutter clutters your mind, the latter pic explains why mine feels open again.