life drawing

I have been lucky enough to be busy lately. Sometimes, though, it's hard not to let my mind wander when I'm drawing or concepting for a client. These were done in between client drawings- of Mady napping next to me in the studio. The other is on a scrap of printing paper. I should have a bunch of updates on that soon, I have a new addition to the studio- an etching press! I'm hoping to incorporate monotypes into illustration work, or at the least just make uncontrolled fine art prints to counter the hyper controlled illustration watercolors that I do for work.

As part of the aforementioned mind wandering, I came up with an idea for a series to try the print/ watercolor combos on. I did some drawings for them today, and will attempt them tomorrow or later in the week. So, if I post them soon, they worked. If not, I'm back at the drawing board!