Paint for Print Exhibition

I have to start this with an image credit- the image is "Look Within" by Robert MacKenzie, and I'll explain why I'm posting another artist's picture in a sec.

I had alluded to the upcoming show that I'm working on before, but had avoided specifics so as not to curse the show (I'm a tad on the superstitious side!) But, the artwork is starting to trickle in and I'm getting far too excited to contain it. The exhibition is one that I'm curating of other illustrator's work. You may ask, why would I want to promote other illustrators? Primarily because I had this great opportunity to be able to ask my absolute illustration heros who are far further in their careers than I am to be in the show. Then I got even luckier when they agreed to participate.

The theme of the show is illustrators working in traditional media (i.e. paint). The full title of the show, in fact, is "Paint for Print: Contemporary Illustration, Traditional Media". It's been in the works since about January of this year, although the idea was hatched even before that. It will have five original illustrations each by the following rock star illustrators: Ofra Amit, Shino Arihara, Gérard DuBois, Penelope Dullaghan, John Hendrix, Sterling Hundley, Aaron Jasinski, Robert MacKenzie, Joe Morse, and Gina Triplett.

For anyone who has been following illustration the past few years in the CommArts annuals, huge campaigns like the one for United Airlines, the Tashen Illustration Now series, pretty much any magazine, etc- you know who these people are and how amazing their work is.

As I mentioned, the work is trickling in (so far I have Ofra's and Aaron's), and it's inexplicably cool for me to hold these pieces that I've seen in print and be able to see the layers of paint in them, the surface of the paper (or wood in one case), the underpaint colors, the brushstrokes, the color choices, and the difference between the printed pieces and the originals. I have been absolutely geeking out on seeing these pieces in person and can't believe my incredible luck to bring them all to Chicago! I can't wait to see the rest, meet a few of the artists, and get the show up and looking amazing so that everyone else can see it.

It is still a month away, the show is from November 3 - December 16. I'm sure that I'll need to be gushing about it more before then.

See, I told you that I was excited :)