Take it back!

I have been keeping busy with freelancing and sending out mailings that are far more time consuming than they should be. I'm attempting to research every single place that I'm sending them out to, so it's not just a blind solicitation, but rather it's targeted to the people that are getting it. I see now why people send things out blindly and hope for the best. With a mailing of 200 or so, it's SO much research, writing, addressing, and coming up with new personalized things to say so that 5 contacts at the same company don't get the same message. I'm looking at it as planting seeds. Grossly time-consuming, labor-intensive seeds. Hopefully they'll do better than my cilantro plant from seed did and something will come of them. Also, the next time will be easier since my list will be built already.

It is a massive adjustment to have shifted my life to most of the time freelance. I am having a hard time carving out a schedule and having dedicated time to things (work, social, relaxing, exercise) to have some sort of balance- it's all kind of mushing together into one long day of everything. It's just such a shift from a job with designated hours to the job being ALL the time. I had experienced it before, but just not on this level. I am ironing it out though. It's only been a month, but I'm starting to figure out that it's okay to do things other than drawing, painting, and mailings all the time.

In the interim, This is a personal piece based on a concept from a song. Davey had worked with a band called the Box Social last year or so. In one of the songs, they refer to negative words that were said to someone as physical objects that the person needs to store. He talks about never taking (the things he said) back, and that the person has a nice collection of them. I thought that was a brilliant concept (they're a really good band), and this image is a friend literally taking back the crappy things that she said. Dave didn't know where I got the idea from and just saw the piece. I asked what he thought it was and he said that the blonde was her friend who was trying to clear up all the negative things that the girl on the right has heard so that she feels better. Which is close, and really a nicer way to look at it. It makes the word collector far more benevolent.