I heart grannies

So, during a particularly long el train commute home, I started doodling things that make me happy. Ice cream, margaritas, bicycles, not getting attacked by vampires, stuff like that. I also saw a very sweet elderly woman on the train and thought that without any exception that I can think of, I love grannies.

I emulate their style (well, maybe more 50's granny, I don't have any track suits or anything contemporary grannies wear). I aspire to have my handbag be as resourceful as a granny bag. They always have handbags that pretty much make them into McGyver. If you need a band-aid, prescription med, lip balm, coupon, snack, tissue... anything- it's in there. You could live for at least a day or two off of a good quality granny purse, and probably have a crossword or word search to pass the time as well.

So, I decided to full-on illustrate the doodle since it's such a profound truth in my life.

I heart grannies.