past, present, future

I got this idea from reading "The Timetraveler's Wife", which I had a really mixed reaction to. I really didn't like the idea that this man essentially took over his wife's life. Like, he met her and they fell in love, etc- but then he went back in time and hogged her to himself. He became her first and only boyfriend, the adult him went back in time and sexed the just legal her- it's kinda gross. If I found out that Dave went back in time to be my only boyfriend before I met him, it would totally tick me off. Like, that's just greedy, really. And, the character didn't go back in time and undo all his past relationships, did he now?

But, feminist concerns aside, the whole time traveling thing where he was visiting past and future selves was an idea that I got absolutely obsessed with, and all I could do was think about and draw myself and other characters hanging out with different versions of their selves in different times. I did a bunch of drawings of me giving myself advice. It's a really fun thought. If you could hang out with any version of yourself, who would it be? Your childhood self? Teenage? Future? Would I alter things, and if so, important events, or just bad haircuts?

So this is one of a bunch of drawings I did where the character's future self is essentially saving a tormented past version of herself. In this one, she's blue and floating away and her red knee high self is grounding her. There's a couple others that I may or may not get around to doing. I'm leery of all my ideas for doing work in a series since I lost interest in the big, grand "20 things to do before I die" project (of which I finished about 5 things) I'll get around to it one of these days, then with any luck, I can go back in time and leave the images there so my past self would've finished it way faster. She'd like that, I think.