whirly birds

It's whirly bird season. I guess it was more so about a week ago when I made the drawing for this, but still. They just crack me up. For one, they're amazing. It's such an immensely clever thing on the part of the tree. Wrap the seeds up in these little pouches, and put wings on them so they get carried far and can ensure that baby trees pop up everywhere, and the tree species lives on even if the mother (or father) tree doesn't. They're pretty brilliant.

Also, if you've ever seen Hitchhiker's guide (the movie from a few years ago)- there's a part where a whale is falling from space and thinking about the fall- I totally see that same thought process in the whirly birds. Like they're just ecstatic- and yelling and whooping all the whole way down, flipping around like they're having the best time of their lives.

Then they hit the ground and it's all over, poor things. Unless they sprout, I guess, or get immortalized in drawings and whirly bird tribute art.