let's see how far this takes us

I've never really discussed my day job on my blog. Primarily in an effort to deny its existence. Not that it's a bad job by any means. It was as a full-time Exhibition Coordinator at c-spaces galleries in Columbia College Chicago. It paid pretty well, had awesome benefits (for both me and Davey), great people, sometimes really interesting work, great opportunities (such as the later to be discussed illustration show that I'm curating in fall). But it wasn't the place for me to stay anymore. I have held off going all freelance since graduating from school b/c I freelanced before, and I know how it can suck. Lack of work and late invoices are massively stressful. I was basically scared to try it. Which is absolutely no reason not to.

An amazing illustrator called Aaron Jasinski (who will be in the fall show) has a phenomenal image that sums up how I felt perfectly. It's on his old site (image # 38), http://www.aaronjasinski.com/oldsite.html and is called "moment of self doubt". It's of a superhero standing on top of an urban building looking apprehensively down with his cape flying in the wind. The caption is, "Jumping off buildings can be unnerving"

And it can. But, a number of things happened to put life into perspective lately, and I realized that we're here so briefly- there's no time to hesitate. Nothing fun ever happens when you're playing it safe.

So, I went to my boss, poured out my heart "I want to draw pictures all day", and gave up my full time job. She has been amazing about it! Everyone has, and really, how cool they're all being is a testament to why I stayed so long in something that I never intended to be my career. Most faculty and staff at the college are artists, musicians, dancers, and all around creative types. They all understand how art feeds your soul (to sound a little cheesy, but it's true). Everyone there wants to see that art can not only make you think, feel, and learn, but that they can also pay your bills. It's really a great place, and I love it there.

Still, I chucked it for drawing pictures. Which shows how much I must love to do that.

I was a the lakefront today sketching. I was making this image when some tourists walked by who didn't know quite where the bike path led. One said to the other, "Let's see how far this takes us". Which I thought was a brilliant metaphor for my recent decision. Let's see how far this takes us.

I wonder, though, how long they went before turning back. I was downtown at Balboa and the bike path actually goes north to Montrose. (a good 12 miles or so).