070707 (best date ever)

Yet another new mark (logoish thing, I hate calling it a logo when it's for me... it's so corporate). I have only gotten through about 1/5 of my old business cards, and I'm ditching that look. It's (hey, this came up last week!) vector, so not appropriate for what I do now. I did it that was for ease of repro, but f-that. This is cuter anyway (says me)

So, I can hardly contain myself. July is full of loveliness. First, HP5 movie (order of the phoenix)- the ending of which I may have to leave for popcorn during, but still). Then- Davey's bday, camping trip, Henry's first bday, BOOK SEVEN release (omg), and the new Tegan and Sara release.

In other news, I love the movie "Driving Lessons" and feel that it may be the case that I will just love anything Rupert Grint is in ever. And, I can't stop listening to the sweet snarkiness of Lily Allen, which I really didn't expect to like- let alone adore.