Old movies and illustrations

I made this image in 2004 or so. I no longer really do vector stuff (with the exception of a recent bday portrait for a friend). After trying it out, it went the way of soft pastels and woodcuts; fun to try, but not my artistic destiny. This Audrey image, however needed to be dragged out of the back up drive and dusted off in honor of my netflixing "How to Steal a Million" (so freakin' cute).

I got into old movies when I was about sixteen (just a few years ago...), and found all of my favorites had Katherine Hepburn in them (no, that wasn't a typo- I meant Katherine). In my pure obsession with her films, I kept finding Audrey Hepburn movies which were of a later period than the ones I was really into, but after getting through most of KH's- I rented "Sabrina".

While she really couldn't be more different from her unrelated namesake, I was then far more obsessed with every thing she ever did. Funny Face (which also tapped into my photo obsession w/ the Avedon pics), Roman Holiday, Charade, omg... just all so so brilliant. I have next to zero interest in celebrities (although I do linger in the grocery aisle to gawk at Angelina a tad more than I'm comfortable with), but AH is someone worthy of worship.

I was, however, seriously annoyed when that awful song about Breakfast At Tiffany's came out in the nineties (far after I was cool enough to adore AH). And then the awful bios and homage photo shoots with twats like Jennifer Bunk Ass I don't look like Audrey Hepburn in my dizziest daydreams Hewett, and Give me a f-ing break you should burst into flames for trying to wear a black boatneck and pass yourself off as classy Nicole Richhoebag. And those gap ads...sheesh! It all just smacks of a lazy cultural tendency to purloin things awesome and turn them into a brand.

Am I an Audrey purist snob? Oh, yeah.

"When I'm through with you, you'll look like- what do you call beautiful? A tree. You'll look like a tree."