If this were a tamagotchi- it'd be dead.

So, I'm not the best blog mom in the world. I also haven't been producing as much work, therefore, not a lot to update on. I have some client work going on now, a fun one where I get to recreate/ mock Alice in Wonderland, which is awesome. I have 1/4 of the "things to do.." project done, but am inventing all these other side projects lately, which I think is a form of procrastination (or the definition of it, one of the two).

In totally un illustration news- I did see Morrissey since we last spoke, which was phenomenal!! We were 2 rows of people away from the stage, he sang How Soon is Now? and many other lovlies (Boy with a thorn in his side, panic, everyday is like sunday, etc). I think perhaps it's because I was so obsessed with him when I was younger (13-17 or, um... till now, really), but he's one of a couple people, he's #1 on the list of a couple people that I still have on that pedestal of teenage idolizing and adoring. I have no concept of him being an actual person. In fact, it was slightly disconcerting that I was so close to him and could see that this is the case. It helped, though, that he was raised up above us on stage and therefore, I still had to look up to him like the mythic figure that he is. (I told you- I'm a zealot). I would never never want to meet him and have that bubble burst. I would, however, be one of the freaks who has him sign my arm in a sharpee and then get it tattooed on me. Yup, that is the power of Morrissey. He's just so good at being... Morrissey!

These pictures here are one of the aforementioned procrastination projects. 2 minute flowers. I may switch to dogs soon, to see if I can do 2 minute drawings of dogs. Or I could get back to the work that I'm getting paid for and the never ending before I die one too...