A day in the life

Sheesh, a month since I wrote last? It's been that long that my head's been fried... yikes! The head frying was from a combo of freelance jobs, day job mega monolith install, and general blueness and stress. I was quite close to burning out. I was still functioning, but not happy about it (see self portrait). I'd love to write only about how fabulous life is, but sometimes it's just not. Sometimes it's just too stressfull and tedious and grown up and lacking in fun. That was the past few weeks for me. There were glimmers of good and fun and happy. But a lot of the mucky shit too. C'est la vie, oui?

As some sort of creative excercise, I took the digi to work with me to document my day. There were about 200 pictures, and I stopped once the cta seriously messed up my commute home and I was too grumpy to continue ( I was still waiting for transit out of the loop about an hour after getting out of work).But, the photo taking- it was really interesting. It was so photo 101, I was noticing things that are there every day that I've never seen before. The photo of the street is one of my favorites from the day. It was taken from the train platform looking down at the people crossing the street. I think the guy's shadow looks like a zombie when you turn the picture 90 degrees clockwise (as I did here). Apt. If not specifically for him, then just for my mood that day.

And the Dos Equis pic is how the day ended (after my commute home took 2 hours... it's usually 40 minutes or so). But, I am happy to report that 1) I have the best husband in the world, who has been on a cooking spree, which RULES! and 2) I'm back to painting and feeling as if the slump has passed. So I should be posting again before June.