going once?

So, it's late notice, as the actual event happened on the 6th, but I had a piece in an art auction for Lumpen magazine. They were starting every work at 1 dollar, and I'd love to report that mine went for hundreds, but I actually have no idea if it even made it to $1.50, as I wasn't there. It was mom's b-day the 5th, so I was far from the south side of Chicago (in the south side of Milwaukee) that night. I seriously wish I would have known the date (I found out the afternoon before while I was driving to mke), not only to see my stuff since I had seen that already, but the participating artists were in large part all columbia alums, most of whom I've worked with on shows at the day job. I would have loved to see their new work there. But, Milwaukee was fun too. I got quality birthday/ Easter/ baby time in, so it was worth it.

In other (on-time) news, I'm one of 5 featured artists on a lovely website called "Five Fold Ink" (see link to the right). It's an awesome card/ designy place that has a heart of gold and donates 10% of their profits to a different charity every month. I also heard a rumor that they're written up in Time Out Chicago this week as well, which is rad, because I have it on good authority that at least one of the owners is a peach and deserves all the great attention that he's getting! Incidently, my work being on there is what I was talking about last week (the super secret I wont shut up about). You can also find trapeze man below in his natural habitat.

I've taken days off from painting, and my art supplies are calling... Happy Easter if you're celebrating it, otherwise... Happy Sunday!