indoor kid

So now that the weather is getting nicer, I'm starting to feel the pain of being disciplined. Because of my commitment to working on the weekends, I missed Kuub today. B to the S. But, I did get these lovely cupcakes done for a show in Hyde Park today (don't know when or where yet, I was just invited, and made the work). They're small, but I do like them. They're from drawings that I did for thank you cards a good year ago. (pays to be a pack rat).

I am lucky enough to have an accommodating husband and set of friends. Rather than cook out at their place, they've brought the party here while I update my site and finish my work.

I also got a new painting for grant project done yesterday. 3 down, 17 to go (what an awful way to put it)!

I had a bit of a setback of sorts last week. I was really stacking eggs in the basket of storyboarding, and met up w/ a potential client and was not at all into it. It reminded me about my aversion to advertising, and left me feeling very discontented. Oh well, I'm sort of systematically ruling out all of the things that don't work (and still waiting to see what does... that pays as well)

I'm on a panel discussion this week. First time for me, I'm offering up my views as a working artist. I'm not generally down w/ public speaking, but want to get over that, as well as do a reciprocal favor for the invitee who has been a peach to me many a time.

Btw, Ira (and Sarah Vowell and David Rakoff and Dan Savage) couldn't have been better. I love This American Life so much it hurts! Now I just need a friend with Showtime!