Eternal Guiness

So, yesterday was spent very unproductively trying to make a slip for a new party dress. It was an abysmal failure and waste of the evening. I keep thinking that I can sew and then my creations just flaunt my inablilities in my face and give me a big raspberry.

So today (a small part of it) was spent drawing "storyboards". More reverse storyboards since they were for an existing movie! But I'll be needing to prove my ability to do it, and wanted to practice fast stuff, so I gave myself 10 minutes each for 8 and drew what I believe to be one of the top 10 movies of all time (Eternal Sunshine). I only posted 1/2 of them b/c at 10 minutes each, I wasn't fully proud of all 8! But, that's life in the fast... whatever.

If I sound slightly stupid today it's b/c I refrained from any bit of alcohol for a month. Probably the first such experiment in a good 8 years or so. In my outdoor adventures today, I picked up Guiness to welcome my liver back to the world of the sauce. If you ever want to lessen your alcohol expenses, I suggest doing this abstinence thing for a month. Where I could drink 4 Guinesses before with barely any effect, I've had one and feel downright loopy. I must say though, that first sip of creamy guinessness was well worth a month wait.