there are no straight lines in babies

Whoever said that there are no straight lines in nature had just drawn a baby.

One of the paintings for my project (that I've been seriously procrastinating with- which is beneficial to my apartment b/c it's very clean) one of them involves painting many babies. Luckily, one of my best friends just had the most perfect baby in the universe, so I arranged a playdate for Friday to take some reference photos. I took 163 of them, and have been drawing him since yesterday. It's remarkable.

For one, babies are difficult to draw. It's very easy to make them either cartoony, or if they're realistic, they look sort of otherworldly, or like a tumbling kitten painted on velvet (ooh, if you haven't seen it, look at the book, "Happy Bunny Kitty Pony"). Everything is a curve on a baby. It's so funny. legs are arcs, the whole body is usually in one or two circles. The outside of a foot is an oval. I think, along with the big eyes, that's a signature component to cuteness~ circles and curves. Loopy, curvy, rounded, cuteness. It's just interesting.

Two other quick notes. For one, I need a rep. I bid on a book job (50 illustrations) for what I thought was bargain basement red tag sale blue light price. I lost out b/c I was too expensive. So yeah... I think that I'll actually try to get one now. It's a bit intimidating, it's like dating. I want to find someone compatable.

The other thing is how much I heart the movie "the Science of Sleep". I wish Michel Gondry had made dozens like this and Eternal Sunshine to add to my queue. Then again, if he had I wouldn't have time to be drawing babies.