one step forward, two steps back

So, I had a project epiphany. I was doing twenty canvases. Acrilic on canvas. Because I missed the medium. Four paintings into it, though, I really realized that the illustrations weren't at home there. They didn't like the bumps on the canvas, they missed the translucency of watercolor. They longed to get scribbled over. Which made me blue. For the simple reason that I was 20% done w/ the project. But just for grins and giggles, I decided to do babies on board w/ watercolor. Just to see. And- that's the ticket!

I like it on board. Which means that I'm back to square one in a sense because I'm not using the canvas ones. And it means that I'll have 3 penguin paintings since the first was in oil, the second in acrylic and now wc. But whatever. For one, it should go faster b/c this is what I do all the time, and for two, who can't use multiple penguin paintings?

In other news, Next Thursday, my Chicago dream will come true. I will see Ira in person. This American Life live in person, in the same room with my storytelling hero Mr. Glass. I just love that show so much. If I had a dollar for every sentence I started with, "there's this This American Life where...", well, then I'd have enough money to stay home and paint with watercolors on board all day!