Hatching a Plan

After working as a freelance illustrator for two years on the side- the side of my day job that is- I am full on investing more time in it, which is harder than it sounds, but will hopfully be a super successful career-starting, happiness-inducing art making process.

I have freelanced before. When I was 23, I was a photo assistant in my past life after getting my photo degree, and I have to say, I did not have fun with it. There's schmoozing and networking and follow up phone calls and forcing meetings with potential clients, and then... lots of work. Which was sometimes really rewarding, I was pushed to experience things that a staff assistant never does. I met a lot more people than I otherwise would have, learned from more photographers, etc. But, as everyone knows, the word freelancing is often (especially in the first few years) synonomous with phrases like "financial instability", "late fees", and "I'm hungry".

But, my desire to draw pictures all the time is enough incentive to give up my free time, and the current day job (and bill paying job) deals with the issue of the unstable paycheck, so... here goes...