bowling for progress

I haven't left my house today. More specifically my studio (except for meals and bathroom breaks). Which was good for two reasons. For one, I made lots of progress on the bowling painting (how "I'm from Wisconsin" is that). It's justifyable- painting bowling scenes, I swear. It's painting #4 of the 20 that I'm doing for the grant project (an illustrated list of the top 20 things to do before I die).

I realized about 20 minutes into the first painting that had I chose ink, watercolor and guache on board as a medium versus the paint on canvas method that I committed to, I'd be done by now. But, pushing is good. Hopefully by at least 1/2 way through I'll get a method down that's faster and still looks like I spent more time on it.

I got Valentines back from the printer as well, and all that I can say is I'll never use them again. This is my third try using this vendor, and I've yet to get anything close to color matched. I sincerely doubt a human ever looks at the finished product before sending it out. Luckily, the people I'm sending them to won't have the original to compare it to. And, it's too red, which really is in keeping w/ the holiday anyway.

I also updated my site today w/ a few new pieces (the valentine included), as well as links to this and the cafepress site ( And, I did the biggest pain in the ass update possible. There's a small tag thing @ the bottom of every single image page w/ my name and logo on it. For loyal listeners out there, you'll remember that my name has changed in the past few months. So, this update involved making the new name banner thingy for the bottom and then opening every fricken image page and putting it in there. Which made me vow not to change my name again anytime soon and also to learn more about GoLive because there had to be a shorter, easier way to do that! Now I just have to change my name w/ the dmv and all of my bills and I'm done.


By the way, the latest reads are; Interpreter of Maladies (good), the Anti 9-5 Guide (yes, I'm a nerd, and I loved it), and I'm on How We Are Hungry right now, which is good too.

AND I got my first ever present from a client, a copy of the "Illustration Now!" book, which I have loved for awhile and spent many, many hours with. It's so so amazing to see all of the work, and read the mediums and philosophies behind it. It's simultaneously inspiring and defeating to look at. Hopefully that'll change if I wiggle into the next edition (the defeating part).